Meeting Your Fundraising Goals Starts With The Correct Tools

Your constituent relationship management system, often referred to as your donor database, is one of your most important tools. Having a suitable database is a key investment so your organization can develop meaningful relationships with your biggest fans: your donors. One should not take lightly the decision to select the right system.

A good system will help track your conversations and help you segment your donors based on their giving history and interests. It will also manage connections to board members and other leadership staff at your agency as you develop your major gifts program.

The first step is evaluating the goals of your organization and researching what databases are available to tackle your needs. Next you need to determine what information you want to track and how to organize the data. You can make changes down the road, but setting everything up right initially will save everyone a lot of time later. One should put a great deal of thought into how to customize the structure and how to input the information.

My expertise includes conducting an assessment of your database needs and providing you with options for the best system to track your relationships with all your constituents. I can use my experience working in a variety to donor databases to help you plan how you organize and customize your database. I can also evaluate the strengths and challenges of your nonprofit’s development systems and provide solutions to identify your biggest opportunities.

If you are looking to set up a new system or clean up an existing one, please contact me for more information!

“I am so grateful for James and his extensive experience in fundraising and management of donor records. Our organization had limped along for years with an archaic gift tracking system. As a result, it was a challenge to develop meaningful relationships with our donors. James cleaned up our information and now we know who they are in order to cultivate lasting relationships!”

Kate Van Ummersen – Executive Director 
Salem Public Library Foundation