The Million Dollar Question: How do I boost year end giving?

The season of year end giving is upon us and with it, both the challenges and opportunities to engage more donors in supporting their favorite charities.

A big chunk of annual giving is in November and December with a significant portion coming in the last three days of the year.  Donors are using digital means, more and more, to make those gifts. 

According to SAGE Intaact, over half of donors use an online access point to make a donation and almost 70% want their tax letter emailed to them, not sent via snail mail.  

It is the time of smart devices with instant access to any nonprofit website – is your digital presence ready?

Most donors are doing online research before they give and websites must be mobile friendly and super easy to navigate.  Offering your powerful statement of purpose on your home page with an urgent call to action are still necessary.  Interconnecting with your various social media channels is also a must.

So how do you convey that messaging?  

Strategies vary depending on your audience. For example, Millennials prefer to watch videos while Generation X most likely wants a relationship with the nonprofit as a volunteer.  Baby Boomers typically are big fans of sustaining support while older donors still like receiving a letter in the mail.
Your best bet in serving your donors with meaningful opportunities is to communicate the urgency of why your service is needed and craft methods that will speak across the digital board to your various demographics of donors.  Transparency demonstrating how those dollars help you do good work will go a long way in establishing trust with donors, too.  

Another thing to keep in mind as your look to next year’s efforts, be sure to start building your email lists to engage with potential donors.  Be sure to personalize those communications in order to build a relationship with those donors who have opted in to support your cause.

Make your impact easy to find and clear to understand.  As donors look to open their digital checkbooks this holiday season, you want to be responsive to them.