Empower Your Leaders

A nonprofit’s Board of Directors sets the tone for the organization. They serve as the community representatives who are guardians of the mission. They also are legally, morally, and fiscally responsible for the organization.

Many join boards because they are passionate about the mission. They are asked to join the board because they are seen as providing valuable skills and experience to the governing board. But many who join a board do not have a clear understanding of nonprofit administration, fundraising and other board governance issues.

Every nonprofit should have a clear training schedule for their board members including proper orientation, annual training and a budget for individual continuing education. Every board member should know how to read a financial statement, the basics of fund development and how to best serve as ambassadors in the community. Nonprofits cannot expect people to just show up with these skills. You should set aside a portion of each meeting for education in governance and plan an annual training focusing on bigger issues.

Just imagine a group of dedicated, passionate volunteers with the necessary knowledge to be an excellent board member. Training can bring stability to your organization and help individual board members to support a joint vision for the future. JKP Fundraising can help set up a training schedule and provide training for your Board of Directors. Please contact me for more information about board training.

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